Health Benefits Plan

Do you incur medical / health / dental expenses each year?

Do you have a health insurance plan?

Does your health insurance plan cover 100% of your expenses?

Do you incur medical expenses not deducted on your tax return?

Are you getting the maximum tax benefit of your medical expenses?

If you answered no to any of the previous question and are either self employed or own your own company , OMBAS can help you optimize deductibility of medical expenses.

OMBAS is a third party administer for Private Health Services Plan that allows you to turn your personal medical expenses into a business deduction. If you are an owner/employer that wants:

  1. Flexible Healthcare Spending Account. Learn More
  2. Tax–Savings — Tax deductible expense for the company while providing non-taxable benefits for employees.
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  3. A high degree of control over benefits plan. Learn More

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